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Cremation Packages

Listed below are 3 cremation plans. These plans are commonly requested and includes everything in the column format. As with all of our options, they can be tailored to meet all of your individual needs

Casket of Choice
(cremation caskets between $595 and $1395)
No Public Viewing No Public Viewing
Traditional Service Immediate Cremation Immediate Cremation
Visitation Memorial Service or No Visitation
Cremation Following Visitation No Service
$4,280.00 $2,475.00 $1,595.00
Professional Services Professional Services Professional Services
Local Transfer of Local Transfer of Local Transfer of
Body from Place Body from Place Body from Place
of Death of Death of Death
Transfer to Crematory Transfer to Crematory Transfer to Crematory
Preparation of Body Cremation Container Cremation Container
for Visitation and    
Viewing Memorial Service at Cremation Charge
  Funeral Home  and Permit Fee
Visitation or Church  
  OR  Tax
  Visitation with  
Traditional Service at No Body Present  
Funeral Home    
or Church Guest Register  
  Service Folders  
  Acknowledgment Cards  
Guest Register    
Service Folders Cremation Charge  
Acknowledgment and Permit Fee  
Cremation Charge    
and Permit Fee    


* Taxes will be added to this package.